The Blue Highway Association

The Finnish Blue Highway Association was founded 45 years ago and it was established to promote tourism and to support the development of services on the route of the Blue Highway. The association co-operates with the international Blue Highway (Blå Vägen).

The aim of the function of the association is:

  • developing  services and activities on the tourist road
  • making the road well-known and delivering information
  • networking and co-operation between the entrepreneurs on the tourist route
  • supervision of interests and development concerning the maintenance of the tourist road

The association realized a large development project of the Blue Highway in 2013-14 ( ELY-funding from five regions), which  enabled the complete renewal of the web service The guidance of the tourist road was also renewed, a new brand was created and progress was made in business networking among the service entrepreneurs of the road.

The International Blue Highway (Blå Vägen) leads from Mo I Rana, Norway, to Umeå, Sweden, from there via the Kvarken ferry to Vaasa. The Finnish Blue Highway goes from Vaasa to Viitasaari, then via two alternative routes through Pielavesi and Tervo to Kuopio. From Kuopio it continues to the border crossing place of Niirala in Tohmajärvi. From Niirala the road continues to Russian Karelia and Petrozavodsk.

Further information on the association and the development project:


Mervi Mikkola 
Poutuntie 7
62100 LAPUA
Puh: 044 438 4052 


Kehityshankkeen projektipäällikkö

Heikki Kähärä
Puh: 045 321 9599

Yhdistyksen puheenjohtaja/projektikehittäjä

Tuomo Eronen
Puh: 0400 379225
Email: eronen (at)